Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life and other furry animals.

So here we go. I never blog for a reason. I tend to ramble, guess that's why I liked twitter so much, so I'll give it a go and see what happens.
The followings a just a few insights into what I've learned along my way.

Stuff I get from my dad. Like me my dad wasn't very religious. He seen an organised religion as a false front. Religion isn't how many times we kneel before an alter or whose name we shout when we get a fright. That's stuff that we learn in school. Religion is what we do for each other. It's how we help people in need. Help others to help yourself.
The trick is to look out for the people that take and take and take. They're plentiful. Trust me.

Mé féin. Loosely translates as me alone. I've lost friends. Long standing and new to this way of thinking along the way. You know the sort. Fair weather friends. People that stand by your side in the good times but disappear like a fart in the wind at the first sight of trouble. I lost some friends when I was ill at the start of the year. None of which I'd want to know now. I've tried to hand out the olive branch but it has been rejected. Their loss I'm told. I do have some really solid friends in my corner. People I can turn to when I need a natter or a laugh and joke. You know all too well who you are.

Hopes for the future. Although I love my job it is very physical so I can't see me doing it forever. I would like to earn money from my art side. It's a dream I guess. I do enjoy people's reactions to the stuff I do. I do it to make people happy. At the moment it's not about the attention seeking or the praise. It's solely about making people smile. Some day I hope it makes my bank account smile too.

So that's about it for my rantings. Hope it makes a little sense. I did make it through without rambling didn't I.


PS. Feed back is as always welcomed.